Thursday, 8 November 2012

Try a cliche
We tend to have a pretty tight focus on what’s wrong with our lives, and ourselves for that matter. With that tight a focus, you’re really missing the big picture. Sometimes our minds need a manual focus adjustment to see the real picture. Try it out and let me know what you notice. It’s real things in your life that we are actually grateful for, but sometimes we just tend not to notice. An assortment of worries or concerns, slights from difficult co-workers, things you need to remember… Negativity and chaos, really. Cliches are simply “unoriginal ideas” — and that’s fine. There are some good ideas that have been floating around for a while. Try this one on: “Be grateful for what you have.”  

As ironic as it may seem, just being you is actually quite difficult. The reason for this is that we’ve spent so long and tried so hard to be ‘other people’ throughout our lives. For example, we often try to live up to the standards of others, keep people happy, get people to like us and other often inauthentic actions n obody has more or less value to offer than you do.
What is the difference between living and existing?

I think the biggest distinction between living and existing comes from how much control you have over life decisions. Where do you see control coming from? In general, someone who exists feels as if everything is outside of their control while someone living knows they determine the path their life takes. Emotions have a big role to play in this. Someone who exists lets emotions such as fear and anger dictate what they can and can’t do. Someone who is living understands those emotions, controls them and doesn’t let them interfere with their decisions.

Someone who exists would stay in the same dead-end job for years despite being unsatisfied and unhappy. Their fears have trapped them and they have no plans of getting out. They’ve lost hope and just mindlessly go through the day in order to maintain the status quo. People who simply exist do the same boring routine every day even though they don’t really like it. They don’t take any chances on improving their life just so they can maintain their current comfortable lifestyle. This is because they are unable to take control of their decisions.

Do you celebrate the things you do have?

There are certain particulars in life that we all repeatedly and unintentionally celebrate on a regular basis. These celebrated incidents are composed of the smaller things in life, those seemingly insignificant events that instantly place us in a better mood.Getting a task completed, no matter how big or small, is a conscious to make an effort that usually brings me closer to some outstanding objective. However, this attempt comes with a huge bonus! The bonuses come in the form of a warm subconscious feeling of accomplishment and celebrate. I deserve to celebrate myself!!! Celebrating the little things that comes to my way or I achieve it’s my motivation to keep hustling and pushing. Do a little thing to thank yourself for what you have done it doesn need to be big can buy a nice wine with chips and enjoy it with a friend.

I don’t worry about becoming a raging blind to my faults; the beauty of being able to celebrate and love myself is that it allows me to deal with my shortcomings in a productive way….celebrating the things I do is the only happiness I can give to myself. Loving and celebrating what I do in my time also is the precious gift I can do to myself because no one will celebrate for me instead they be jealous and criticize me. Secure, happy people are also confident; able to take criticism and understand their mistakes and failings do not make them bad, unworthy people and thus have no need to be defensive or evasive when dealing with these shortcomings


It is wonderful to have a person, either friend or lover, to share your dreams and desires, fears, joys and sadness. There is always a broken heart.
I am only 22 years old, but have had my fair share of relationships with friends and partners.  Obviously there were good times, but also bad times, people who used me, people I used, those who truly loved me, and those who did not. perfect times are few than the heartbroken times. You end a smile with sadnes and anger and then they blush things off by saying 'I LOVE YOU'. How can you hurt someone you believe you love?
In the past I could not always understand why these particular persons entered my life, but now, in retrospect, I realize that in some bizarre and even ironic way, they had helped to build my character and led to the truly exceptional relationships that I have with myself today.

If presented with the opportunity to get a message to a large group of people, what would your message be? Is it possible to lie without saying a word?

There is so much to tell but my message would strictly direct to heartbreakers who hurt people intentionally. Heartbreakers think a little of other person but when it’s his/her turn they want you to think out of the box and in different angles of an issue. When you first hurt someone it gives the lesson that you must respect other people’s feelings and views.

A lie can hurt too it’s not possible to lie without saying a word, silence can have different meanings but it doesn’t have the meaning of lying. Standing in front of me and tell lie means that you disrespect me it’s worse now when you have to tell a lie to too many people, just think of the promises they will have after that lie. No matter how sour the message is its better to be honest and tell as it is so that you won’t waste time for people and it’s better to deal with the truth than a lie that will result another lie and then lie again, because when you lie about something you have to think of another lie in order to cover up the first lie. I believe in honesty and truth rather than deal with a naked truth than a faked lie.

The last lecture.

I couldn’t wait for the last lecturers of my Btech level but I can’t say the same for Media Studies I enjoyed it up to the last moment. This year has been nothing but a traumatic, stressfully, sleepless year. Too much overload especially second semester it was overwhelming some people didn’t survive the race and deregister the course. Through all the hard work and overwhelming year it was great experiencing curve, it opened my mind to see the bigger picture of the industry and I gained a lot of information and experience of what is expected from me.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? 

  I think it makes you appreciate all the aspects of life when this question is posed. Yes, I think most of us would consider ourselves young at heart, and our body want to be young but with age comes wisdom, and knowingness. So which is it? Young at heart or an old wise soul? Can we be both? When I was young, I wanted to be older because I believed that wisdom comes with age.  As I got older, I made some bad mistakes, and I felt young and foolish. 
 Now that I'm middle aged, recovering from a recent mild heart-attack I feel even younger still. I feel mature in the sense that I can see how I have learned and gained wisdom since my teens. At the same time though, do I feel like a grown up? I have yet to find anyone who does. When we are younger, we have perceptions of what a certain age will feel like. Acknowledge, welcome, accept and even celebrate all of those parts of ourselves!; most days are very difficult to start, but as I go through my day and encounter different people I can feel younger through sharing their experiences and recalling my "different ages".